Eastern Latvia River Basins Phase 1

Customer: The Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Latvia

Developer: Lakalme Ltd.

Year: 2005 — 2010

Technical supervision, Engineer’s services according to FIDIC conditions of contracts less


Provision of Engineer’s services incl. technical supervision for 49 Works contracts under FIDIC Yellow and Red Book conditions of contracts. Although planned as only three works contracts, in search for a more cost effective procurement plan, each of the three components in each of the towns was implemented as a separate contract. The services also included project management, monitoring of physical and financial progress vs. project indicators of financing memorandum and establishment of quality assurance systems.

The Project targets to implement EC water and wastewater directives in 18 townships to the East of the capital Riga comprising administrative centres for local municipalities:

  1. Reconstruction and extension of water supply (WS) and wastewater (WW) collection networks and wastewater pumping stations (WWPS) in 18 towns – 21 FIDIC Red Book contracts, incl. some of the largest:
    • Valmiera – WW=13.56 km; WS=11.26 km; reconstruction of 2 WWPS;
    • Salaspils – WW=10.50 km; WS=12.40; reconstruction of 2 WWPS;
    • Kekava – WW=14.08 km, 6 new WWPS;
    • Ogre – WW=5.48 km; WS=8.02 km; reconstruction of 5 WWPS, 1 new WWPS;
    • Sigulda – WW=12.00 km; WS=1.20 km;
    • Cesis – WW=4.14 km; WS=4.41 km, reconstruction of 1 WWPS;
    • Aluksne – WW=4.31 km; WS=3.70 km, reconstruction of 5 WWPS;
    • Smiltene – WW=2.64 km; WS=4.59 km; reconstruction of 1 WWPS, 1 new WWPS;
    • Priekule – WW=5.76 km, 3 new WWPS.
  2. Design and build (or reconstruction) works of drinking water extraction and treatment facilities in 14 towns– FIDIC Yellow Book, incl. some:
    • Valmiera – Q=9000 m3/day treatment plant, 580 m3/h second lift pumping station, 4000m3 storage reservoir, 10 new artesian wells, decommissioning of 5 existing wells, DN500 raw water mains;
    • Sigulda – Q=1400 m3/day treatment plant, 2000m3 storage reservoir, 2 new artesian wells.
  3. Design and build (or reconstruction) works of wastewater treatment plants in 14 towns – FIDIC Yellow Book, incl. some of the largest:
    • Valmiera – Qaverage=360 m3/h;
    • Cesis – Qaverage=270 m3/h;
    • Salaspils – Qaverage=188 m3/h.