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Sports association “Koka roka” (“Wooden arm”) is an organisation of the strongest armwrestling sports enthusiasts in Latvia lead by the world champion, Jānis Amoliņš. The association organises training camps for youths and disabled persons and of course, for high class athletes to prepare physical and technical capacity. Since 2009, "Lakalme" Ltd. helps to accomplish our goals by providing invaluable assistance to Latvian sports victories in World’s and Europe’s armwrestling tournaments.

We are grateful for the cooperation in struggle for common achievements and victories.
Jānis Amoliņš


Since 2004 "Lakalme" Ltd. supports motorsports and helps dreams come true to race pilot Oskars Laivenieks as one of his main supporters.
At first "Lakalme" Ltd. contributed to the pilot’s top achievements in track racing in Latvia, the Baltic States and in Scandinavia. Since late 2009 our pilot has taken on a challenging dream in another branch of motorsports – rally.

Thanks to his determination, creativity and trusty supporters in 2008 Oskars gathered the team of RECTOR RACING, to which "Lakalme" Ltd. is one of the main sponsors. We have always supported and believed in Oskar’s targets and victories.

Currently RECTOR RACING team takes part in the championship of Latvian Rally as well as various social projects.